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Safe Route From Whatcom Falls Park To Downtown Bellingham
This is a safe route from Whatcom Falls Park or Bayview Cemetary to Downtown Bellingham using a safe flass trail and some streets. It does not use Lakeway and it is quicker than using the Railroad Trail

The Interurban Trail
Folks: In case you did not know, there is an un-marked detour of the Interurban Trail between the segment of the trail from Fairhaven to Arroyo Park and the segment from Arroyo Park to Larrabee State Park. Inside Arroyo Park there is a bridge that needs repair and that is closed. You have to detour on Old Samish Road, Chuckanut Drive, and California Street.

With this video, I will be performing a detailed narrated tour of the trail, starting from the Taylor Dock in Fairhaven to the intersection of the Interurban Trail at California Street.

Photographs Of Interpretive Signs
Signs As Old Fairhaven Drive In Trailhead

Sign at drive in trailhead
Sign at drive in trailhead
Map Sign At Old Fairhaven Walk In Trailhead

Sign at walk in trailhead
Sign at walk in trailhead
Sign at walk in trailhead

Bicycle Tour Of Five Parks in Bellingham And Along Chuckanut Road
This is a very long and challenging tour if you perform this tour in one day. You can take parts of this tour. I have put the times for each park at the beginning of the video. Here are the time; the GPS locations, and links to the google maps for each of the parks.

Boulevard Park
Boulevard Park is perhaps the single busiest park here in Bellingham. It is small, but it is right on the water with wonderful spectacular views. Parking if a big challenge; this is why bicycling to Boulevard Park is ideal and very pleasent.

GPS = 48.732851, -122.501119
Time Mark In Video - 5:50
Marine Park
Marine Park is a small park that is right on the water. It is at the end of Harris Avenue in Fairhaven. Marine Park is the official finish line for the annual Ski To Sea race.

GPS = 48.719515, -122.514696
Time Mark In Video - 12:30
Fairhaven Park
Fairhaven Park is located on Chuchanut Drive (as well as the Fairhaven link of the Interurban Trail. It is a simple park with a playgroun, tennis courts, and a shelter. There is a small building available for events.

GPS = 48.715265, -122.499301
Time Mark In Video - 18:50
Woodstock Farm
Located on Chuckanut Drive, south of Fairhaven Park, Woodstock Farm is perhaps one of the most undiscovered parks in the Bellingham Parks And Recreation System. This was the private estate of Cyrus Lester Gates, who was a Fairhaven capitalist, park creator and civic leader from 1890 to 1927. The house is available for rental for functions. It is a very wonderful place for weddings! The outdoor areas of the estate are open to the public during the daytime.

GPS = 48.697951, -122.495387
Time Mark In Video - 22:00
South Part Of Interurban Trail
Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay on the Interurban Trail from Fairhaven all the way to Larrabee Park. The Interurban Trail is currently interrupted by a collapsed bridge over a creek in Arroyo Park. The easiest way to get onto the southern part of the Interurban Trail is via California Street, a dead end street on the east side of Chuckanut Drive about 1 mile north of Wookstock Farm.

48.699000, -122.490069
Time Mark In Video - 27:00
Larrabee State Park
Located on Chuckanut Drive, in the very southern end of Whatcom County, Larrabee State Park is a State Of Washington Park. This park does have camping facilites. Reservations are strongly recommended for camping. Respecting the privacy of the campers, my video only has a small brief look at a part of the camping area. As a State Park, Larrabee Park does have an admission fee for vehicles, of you can use the Washington Start Parks Discover Pass. Please note, however that there is no fee for pedestrians or people on non motorized transportation such as bicycles or horses who come into the park for a day trip.. There is, of course, a fee for camping.

GPS = 48.653102, -122.490096
Time Mark In Video - 31:50

Bicycle Ride To Waterfront For New Conference Center
I just could not resist putting in my suggestion for the design of the proposed conference center that will be located in the Boardmill Building on the former Georgia Pacific site here in Bellingham!

And the Gods of Wisdom have suggested to the Port Of Bellingham that the Port should invite the Centers For Disease Control to host it's Prostate Cancer Symposium as the inaugural event for the new conference center when it opens!

Bicycling Railroad Trail And Talking about Covid And Aids
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